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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


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2017; Turn night into day.


My lips are bleeding right now and yeah I’m okay. I really wanted to sleep in early but I became sentimental. Song choice: For Life. Well, I am currently having the Christmas vibes after reading a fan fiction about Christmas and gifts and mistletoes. I know its August but people are talking about the May weather, so why can’t I celebrate Christmas early?

I have been really at ease these days since I quit my job and I am on twitter most of the time. I have nothing to do and I felt at lost. Why didn’t I write in my blog? I have a five page draft but I can’t get myself to publish it. Most of it was useless, just me babbling about unimportant things. I didn’t know I was writing for anyone to read it. I wrote because I may have forgotten the past events and this is to remind myself what kind of shit life I am living. I downloaded an app called Question Diary and hell it was not fun at all. But, as the same purpose I write here, that apps sends me question every single day and I need to answer it honestly and it says that it will send me the same question after a year to see how much my life has change. I don’t plan on keeping that app so I kinda ignore it every time it sends something. I just focus on my sleeping schedule lately. I have one thing in my bucket list that I want to try. It’s kinda stupid but being weird is my thing. I don’t want to tell you what it is but here’s a hint; it is very easy to do and you do it every day in your life, and you need it. Just guess and tell me about it.

Having a list is what my life is based on. I kept a to-do-list that I wrote every day when I was in college. Since I’m at home now, I tend to just laze around. You can ask anybody that knows I’m keeping a list, I really did do it. I write down what should I do the next day according to the sequence after I woke up until I go to bed. You can see it if you’re living with me. I really need to sort out my life or not it’ll be a mess. I can show you my little book where I wrote it. Mostly the basic things like, washing and eating. I plan my time really wisely because I hate being late unless it’s unavoidable. I even went to class 30 minutes early, not to boast but I prefer being punctual or early since I was trained to do so. I even made a timetable on what to eat because I need to save lots of money, I am not born gold-spooned. I save money to the extent of only eating rice and only an egg which costs me about RM2? At least I’m full. Living is not about eating or being a loser. You may say that, why do I even eat that little, I am fat, and I don’t look like I ate only that. I save up money on weekdays to eat on weekends. And I can say that I am a little stingy but not that stingy. If you really want to know me, try living with me. I still remember that I only ate ice cream every day for about a month, only ice cream, because I want to be skinny. But, it doesn’t last long since I am a happy person, I ate a lot after that at home :)

I swayed too much when writing. I know the basics of writing a paragraph, stories and articles but I usually write it my own style. Sometimes when I’m writing a story, on a paper, for exams, I skipped a lot of lines in the middle, because I like to write it that way. I don’t usually write in order. But to tell this, I am quite proud of my writing. I don’t really care about anything when I write, you can see it for yourself. I just write whatever I want and fits it wherever it goes. I once thought that I want to be an editor, but not anymore. I want to a person. I don’t care whatever I’ll be, I want to be a person that has mannerism in me, which my parents can be proud of, to have humanity. I am a humanitarian.

I have no time to check my writing above so let’s ignore any errors or I’ll be fixing it another time. It is beyond perfect but I am improving. I want to smile reading my own writing one day. So, let’s write more each day and be happy. Let’s all be healthy and happy, that’s all I could ask of God for everybody.


p/s: I'll write better next time and let's love. 

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