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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


Skins by: IlliShuhada
Basecode : PikaChan

2017; Theme: Love.


I am in my happy mode again tonight. So, I decided to really write something that inspires me so much for this whole day. Yesterday, as I scroll down my explore on Instagram I found a fan-art called #Victuri and I am curious about what it is about. It's an anime about figure skating and it is about handsome guys. Okay you can ask me what type is my ideal guy right now and I'll answer one to it; I want someone who dreams big and make it happen no matter how hard it is just to prove himself out. Because I am going to do the same. I am dreaming big (of the impossibles of course) ((you just don't know about it)) and I am gonna prove myself too since it is not easy I got everything under control because I believe I can do it.

I actually cried because of this oh you may think 'eleh, ni anime bodo bodo je kot, nak nangis pahal'. But, there is nothing more touching than being in love and trying to make your dreams come true. I realised that after everything, you may think it is the end but when that really happens to you, you know you can never give up, NEVER! Because you'll find yourself one level higher and you'll find satisfaction in yourself oh macam I am happy I made this happen, I made new experience, I made new friends, I made myself happy it's like your life is complete and became beautiful, you mature a little bit, you grow up, you find peace in yourself. Trust me, it's gonna be fine one day because you'll look up to those sweats you shed, the tears you cried, the effort you made, since you really made it come true. Love is one word you shouldn't make fun of; I had love full in myself. Love towards all the things around me, towards all the people I don't even know, because I believe if I smile to them, maybe I'll make their life better. I want to save people too.

I played a game recently and it had a question, 'What would you do if you see a man standing on a bridge trying to kill himself?' It had options that I had to make, I thought maybe 'I could save him, try to talk him over, give him support and everything.' and the other part of me said, 'you don't even give a damn to that person, you don't know him at all, why should you help' and 'you just stand there hesitating whether to save or just ignore him, you are one selfish bitch' I am never sure of myself. But as I think back, if I didn't save that man, I'll be living in misery. Why didn't I save him I had the chance to? What happened to him is he dead or alive? What can I do to make everything better? I realised that after it is done, nothing can be reversed. I'll be living in regret forever. That's why I vow to myself, I'll help people. I'll help myself too in the process. I am one fragile-hearted person, maybe I can be stronger by this.

Okay, continuing on Yuri On Ice. A really beautiful story and it melts my heart. I was watching attentively and at first it was a so-so but when it comes to the competition, I started getting serious because it is intense I pray that Yuri wins it. I cried because every time they dance, they had that goal they are going to achieve inside them, they want to prove themselves, they want to show it to people. It is so beautiful you are an idiot if you don't cry. They are like beautiful and graceful swans dancing together I can't get my head off of it. I felt sick all of the sudden because they portray such beautiful emotions through their dancing plus I can't do that, I am really jealous. Every little anime that shows the effort of someone who wants to achieve their dreams and be better in the future is so effing beautiful I cried so hard for them. Maybe I'll have to achieve my own dreams too to make me cry I happen to be beautiful too later. Let's be beautiful together. Promise me?

This below is a powerful piece that makes me going forward and made my day, it gave me the power and spirit to keep on moving I am going to be as beautiful as Victor and Yuri, believe in me please. I am going to show it to the world later, maybe not to all of you, but the world where I feel like I belong, my own world I create myself, to prove myself, a world that I think this is my moment to shine. Plus, the other song, it shows the journey of their hard work and later became one graceful dance they danced together I am in love with this guys. Not much gayness is shown, but I would love them to get married. Okay, this is awkward. They are two man and I am hoping they get married? So what, they are anime and I can always ship them forever and they even got matching rings together, (I yang normal and ada relationship dengan lelaki pun takde couple ring tau) ((I am gonna shut myself up in the shower for the next few hours because of this)). I promise you this is one of the best anime I've watched I hope people out there would just realise it.

I stated the 'beautiful' word a lot of time about this anime so you better watch it. I mean it when I say it.

Ciao ciao.

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