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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


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2017; Some Good Songs.


As everyone knows, I've been really obsessed with K-Pop lately but I still have the sense of Malay in me so don't get me wrong. I'm not a fanatic fan (sasaeng) but I know a few things about Korean culture. I've been there for a while and I kinda observe things and I watched a lot of K-Dramas too and I like the way they were so cool and so well mannered.

I haven't been too emotional these days I guess the inner selfish side inside me is taking a rest and not making a fuss. I don't cry anymore unless I was triggered. But sometimes I couldn't lie that my mind wondered around and I could stare into blank space for a moment and then I smiled. Well, I took it in a good way that I shouldn't be sad of the past. The past may be bad and some good, but I took it as a part of learning and growing. I can't always stay in the past although some times brought me there where I was struggling to be better and realizing how hard may seems but this is my part of sorrow. If I said my heart was painful, many others have their own problem and maybe worse than mine, I don't know that.
May God give all of us the strengths we need to move forward.
And to keep moving forward, here's a few Korean songs I wanted to share. (Not like anyone would read my blog) ((but if I came here again, maybe I'll hear to these songs back))

1. People Who Make Me Sad - Kim Kyung Ho.
💕 It's a sad song you knew it from the title. I've been searching for the official MV and if anyone who'd make it into a lyric video but hm, no one did it. It's actually a very slow rock song. The lyrics (click to see lyrics) are understandable that this guy likes his friend that already had a boyfriend. I put this to the maximum volume it hurts my ear but it's really nice. I stumbled across this song on a piano cover that I know I can never get to play it perfectly. I'll make you hear it if you're my boyfriend. [If you don't want me, know that maybe a guy like this likes me]

2. You and Me ft. Jang Hye Jin - Jung Joon Young.
❤ It's a new release song. He is a great singer that I respected and his big voice just melts me to the core. I actually cried since I put it on repeat. He's been on hiatus because of a sex scandal but... (I could write a million reasons why he is not at fault) and I love him. And this lovely song is made based on his experience either it's bad or not I don't know. And since it has lyrics under it, it's easier that way. (I go thru all lyrics so I could understand what they're saying but the lyrics suits me well). Don't forget to on the subtitle button okayyy 😉 or click ➡  for lyrics 😉

3. Became Each Other's Tear.
💗 This song has two versions; Hyolyn (female) and Park Seo Joon (male). The female version was release first and then the male version. Since Hwarang is becoming more popular these day (the first episode people said it's a failure since it's recorded a few months ago and there's no way the director could make changes on it) ((but I'm okay as long my Seojunnie is in it)). Hwarang affected me in a lot of ways I could cry watching it. It's not as heavy as Scarlet Heart Ryeo or as playful as Love in the Moonlight, it has it's own charm. I can make a review for this drama but I ain't got no time for that. Thanks to the fan (since Hwarang is famous), there's a lyrics video for this song. I'll put my lovely baby's video okay. Studio version ➡ Our Tears

4. You Don't Know Me - So You & Brother Su.
💜 The ost for She Was Pretty. Her sweet voice tells me how a girl who was naive that falls in love but taking it in a nice way. Nice slow lyrics but I can feel the weight of it. I choose songs that I can understand the meaning behind it and how I can relate to it. It's like the guy meant a lot in her life but didn't recognize her and her love oh my I hate this situation. I'm the kind of girl who wouldn't give hints at all, I say it on your face if I like you. So it's kinda easy for you to know if I love you or not. Ask me away, but there's some times I would keep it in. I'm such a complicated person even I don't understand myself how would others understand me. I would give this drama a 10/10 since the plot is so nicely written but I had this problem where I pity the second male lead (Siwon) I cried so much when they parted ways. This video had the lyrics on just click the button jangan malas!

5. Sympathy - Jung Joon Young.
💖 I cried so hard for this song since I can relate to it so much. The video is so nice and sweet but ended up becoming sad since the guy cheated on her. I don't understand the concept of guys liking only pretty girls when they are in a relationship. What makes us? The lyrics are so sorrowful I cried really hard. What about our good times? What about our memories and promises? What about the little sacrifices? I tend to put myself in their situation but then I regret it ended between us. I guess this had been the longest I had feelings for one person. Oh my, I pour my feelings out again. It's also a video with lyrics so I won't put the lyrics to this. Live Version ➡ Sympathy.

I'll stop here before my heart rekts (wrecks) even more. This is my preferences in choosing the songs I hear. If you are to question my choices, I'd respect you if you had your own. Maybe this is the part where I share my sentimental part though I said I'm happy. No ones stays happy all the time. But I'm living this lifestyle that I need to be happy and only cry when the lights are off and I had to close my mouth so that they won't hear me cry. So, let's be happy Nur Izzati.

I'll be watching K-Dramas in my room and then my friend asked me if I'm alive since I didn't get out of my room lol. Watching these dramas, I had enough dramas in relationships. Way too hard to cope with my feelings. But pretty darling, I miss us.

This song below is my theme song for this year. Lol, you had one? It's called dream.


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