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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


Skins by: IlliShuhada
Basecode : PikaChan

2017; Hohoeteiru Kai?


The title means → Are you still smiling? I stumbled across it when I'm hearing to some anime's ending song. I am really into anime these days and since I have like so much free time so I'll write some anime recommendation that suits my taste. Btw, I am listening to Moana's song - How Far I'll Go and putting it on repeat. It's the end of February and I hope everything's going to be better in March for me and for you guys too.

I've told you about Yuri on Ice so this an addition to it. I'll make it long for these anime. I had one more on my list but I haven't got the chance to watch it because I need full concentration while watching this, I hate interruptions. I really need to level up my concentration because I get distracted so easily even when I am sleeping. I woke up at the very least amount of sound unless I am very tired so even bother opening my eyes. By focusing, maybe I can improve my life a little better. So, let's proceed.

1. Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi.

❤ The title literally means 'The World's Greatest First Love' and this anime has two seasons
(24 episodes) plus 2 episodes of OVA and 1 Special. So, what is so special about it? It's about a bunch of guys that are gay. To me, they are handsome. You can't judge the way I look at them and I own my eyes that means they suit the image I wanted a guy should have in such anime. [I still love looking at Byakuya and he is the manliest man I ever known (in Bleach)]. This anime is not that hentai-ish I know they are gay in some sort it had some kissing scene but all you know is that, this is anime so I don't care so much.

 Some people said 'eii, apa tengok cerita gay ni?' Lol, this is what I like. I am not gay [homo]. I am a straight lady that had desire of getting married solely to a straight man. I am experimenting all sorts of different genres in life where I am curios of what this is and what that is. You are not one to say I couldn't do anything with my life you haven't know what I like or dislike. Like I said, this is my preference. I've watched all types of dramas in life I want people to understand that you had your own life and this is mine. I maybe some introverted person who only sits in my room and not experiencing the real world. I like staying inside instead of working my ass out because I know how hard life could be out there I know it but I don't want to be cocky I just know it so don't say that I'm living my life the wrong way. People tend to talk bad about others and backbiting and lose respects of others, I don't want that to happen to me so I decided to stay here. I dislike the crowd but you know I had this one dream to really go out there and live my dreams I haven't got the chance yet. I can be bold too you know.

Okay, this anime is so nice. The main character in Ritsu. You can read it somewhere in the Wikipedia or what not I want you to watch it yourself. I am just stating my feelings after watching all this anime. So, this little guy falls in love with his senpai. I love the idea of having senpai(s) in life but this is not Japan so there is no such thing as this in my surrounding. [Kakak angkat or abang angkat doesn't imply in this area okay] [[I hate the idea of having all this 'angkats' I never had one I am like eww that doesn't apply in real life pun]]. The first part was when he confessed to his senpai, 'suki-desu' which means I like/love you. And then, after 10 years, he met that senpai again and at first he didn't realised it was him (senpai changed him family name) ((and he forgets the senpai because long time no see)) so he did ignore everything until the senpai said something from ten years ago. The feeling there was mutual but this little guy keeps on denying until the end. There are some disturbance and conflicts too but it was mild because the love was there. And surprisingly, that senpai loves him since the day before that little guy confessed his feelings to him.

What a very twisting story kan? But, as I put my whole mind into this story and I make some speculations + assumptions, I indeed was right. I even talk to myself describing how this story should be and being angry at the little guy for denying his feelings and I cried too for that senpai because he went through so much to be better in life. 'All crisis will disappear after a while' - that is what I told myself. I am loving this anime I could watch it a lot of time but as you know, I barely had time to study so let's make studies a priority.

This anime also had a few other characters who are gay too. They work in the same department  but they hold different type of stories. It's normal to have different experience from others. You couldn't compare your life with others because you don't know what the others went through. Maybe they are better or worst. This below is the opening song for season 1 and I like it so much I even sang to it while showering lol. You can try hearing it maybe it's nice to you too :)

2. Your Lie in April.

💛 I couldn't comment much on this anime since I've watched it a long time but it is nice too. It's about a piano player and someone who plays the violin. I am very fond of someone who can play musical instrument. I am not called a musician but I know the quality of good music and not. I hear to all sorts of music too if you don't know, I live basically with my earphones intact to my ears all the time. Even in class and exams too, I had my earphones on because I hate hearing to other sounds that make me lose my focus. I sang quietly in the exam hall just make myself happy. [Don't tell this to anyone, I am one weird person haha]. This story is inspiring people to be much better. Having competitions, people looking down at you, being mocked, being hurt, being dragged by tour own emotions, being captive inside your own trauma, makes you a dull person. But then when someone came to you, they spread colours to your eyes. They somehow makes your life more meaningful. Even make you smile when you think of them. I inspire to be one like them.

A very cute one indeed. Large eyes, details on the piano notes, overall this is one aspiring anime people can watch. The ending was sad, so sad it ripped my heart apart. But, the main character did take it positively, I am glad, he is glad. A very short one season anime but it is compacted with emotions and lovely character. It is hard to find this types of people in my place. All we do here is making fun of people, sorry I had to say this. Malaysians are living based on gossips and untrue story, even if it's true, they change the story to be otherwise with lots and lots of exaggerations. This is why I had so much respect on other country's culture, how nice their people are compared to ours. I often tell myself, once I finish my studies and after having money, let's head abroad to learn about them, I had so much misery trying to understand why I live like this that's why I want to change my life.


I am sorry if anyone is offended by me but this is me stating the truth or my opinion. Let's not take it to heart and let's live in peace. I will be watching Junjou Romantica after this and it requires so much attention so I hope no one makes trouble with me or mess with my feelings. I don't read all my whatsapp, I open the app and select all conversations and mark them all as read and repeat that everyday unless it's really important but I'll only read it when I had time. I too don't answer my phone since it's on silent my whole life, my dad nagged me about it saying what if there is an emergency but I ignore him too because living in peace is my intention from the very beginning. I had two phone numbers and one is on silent mode and the other phone is switched off because I hate hearing sound which is not important at all. Ah, and I had no ringtones too on my phone plus my whatsapp notifications is set to no sound. I am pathetic I know but this is how I love my life after being hurt by many people thank you for understanding hehe ☺


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