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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


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2017; Another Good Song + extra.


Hey, I'm back. It's not even a long time but I guess I better write before I really forget to do it. I've been posting about Korean songs lately and had some more to add to the list.

1. Spring Day - BTS.
☀ It's a nice song. So sorry to myself because I should be an EXO-L but this song is lit. I mean, this whole album is effing good. The reason why I started liking their songs is because waiting for EXO's new album takes a long way since they are busy touring. I've heard all the songs in it and thought wow, this album is going far and BTS is sure getting further in life. This song is released as a supplementary song including a few more as an addition to all the other songs. I started off liking songs by listening to it and analysing the lyrics. The day they drop the official MV, I was not that interested and all the people on twitter starts making their on reaction towards this song plus the guy I subscribed on YouTube released his own piano cover on this song. They said that this song is about how these boys love each other and wouldn't want any of them to leave. But as I listened more to it plus the lyrics makes a lot more sense, I decided this should be a love song (although it had the best friend lyric) ((I don't care can't lovers be friends too)). And I've been putting it on repeat too don't blame me I hate myself too because I'm stanning a lot of idols right now ☹ Click ➤ for official MV and full album and their supplementary album. Their album is called You Never Walk Alone. The one below is a fan-made video combined the MV and the lyrics so it is easier for me to sing along actually 😂

2. With Laughter or With Tears - Seo In Guk. 
🍑 I don't remember if I cried watching this or not lol. Actually I searched for his song for (Tomorrow With You) ost called Flower but then the YouTube's auto-play led me to this. At first I never thought Seo In Guk would have any song but then I learned that he even had an album like wow babe you are so successful. I've read his story about how poor his family condition was before he became famous and now boom he is one of my favourite A-list actor. He is so good in acting that I almost fall in love but you know how hard it is for me to fell for it. But, this song is a plus plus that made me want to love him more. It's actually a farewell song. I even searched for the lyrics since the MV is between him and his lover. They fell out of love I guess but this guy keeps getting flashbacks on their relationship. After I understood the lyrics and played it a few times, I realized how beautiful this song is and how lovely his voice is. The link for the lyrics ➡ Laughter and Tears and Live Version.

I've been downloading and watching Japanese dramas and movies lately I don't even know how it all started. So as a simple start, I chose to watch Koizora. I don't know what the story is about, I don't bother searching for it. I only searched for some recommended Japanese movies and some wrote an article about the J-movie preference and so I tried downloading some of it. Koizora is a nice drama with 6 episodes. Actually I am confused since they said it is a movie but who cares I've watched it. I can't tell what's in it so go watch it by yourself I hope you find it interesting. I'll make a list on my favourite J-dramas and movies plus K-dramas too. I find this fun stating my favourites and sharing I don't care if nobody would read it. I had my own sweet time writing all this and hoping that if ever one day I am lost or anything, this blog captured my feelings in it. I wanted to read it and find myself stupid again in the future and let me laugh at how foolish I am in my twenties. I wanted to share it with the people I love about how I am when I am 20. I'm getting older and I realised if I don't do this I'll eventually forget the good and bad times that make me how I am now.

Thank you for the good times and the bad dear experiences and yeah, happy 14 😍


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