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: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


Skins by: IlliShuhada
Basecode : PikaChan

IzzatiTakesKorea - Part 2


All the bad dreams are coming to me like a curse I had to face. I had so much to do, like clean up my room, to practice that damned old piano, to remember to forget you. I realised that I had nothing to tell.

Oh, I bumped into the wall just now and the inside of my mouth bleeds. I'm okay with that, being careless is already in me so I can't do nothing to change that. Life must go on tho it's a bloody journey. I watched 'fated to love you' again and I ended up crying but I'm okay. See, how many times do I have to say I'm okay to prove that I AM really okay with it. I don't really want to write but since it's a debt, I need to pay. I don't know whether this is the last post of my updates on Korea but I'll make sure it's not the last.

I haven't got that much pictures because sometimes I'm just not into that place or my mind was drifted away without me noticing it. And I don't know which picture was taken first. [NAK SUMBAT JE SEMUA KALAU BOLEH!]

Let's say we went to Everland first. Oh, we went there first I remembered. Because I spent my money there for a very cute penguin mug lol (don't you have something better to buy?) ((Well, apparently, there's nothing to buy unless you'd give me the money and you prefer me buying toys))((( I don't really have the money))) There's not much picture taken here since in the morning it rained and the ground are all wet. My father said, don't force my sister to play all the amusements there (because I made her dizzy on her very first ride ((the cup)) at Genting and dia tobat takmo naik dengan Izzati dah haha) but then I said, she's already 15 and she deserve to taste the excitement of all those rides. [Sobs, I played alone, ran alone, ate alone at all amusement parks since I'm the only one who likes all these rides] Abah said he's too old for that. Well, mak tak payah cerita lah, she's easily swayed and then takleh jalan dah if she ride on any. So, I got my sister to ride on the pirate ship ( yang macam buaian tu) ((She said her jantung nak tercabut when she's up there and I just laughed))

There's this roller coaster I don't know the name but I had to wait in line for 30 mins and of course my sister won't play it with me (I guess she'll die if she ride this) ((Again alone but fortunately no one sat beside me)) (((My heart screamed inside since this is the ride I've been waiting for))) And yeah! I scream because the person in front of me scream lol how pathetic is that. Well, there's no ride that can scare me. Except if you'd bring me inside the haunted house, I'll curse you for life!

Here's the pictures:

To be continued...

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