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: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


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IzzatiTakesKorea - Part 1


I can't be lazy. ⬅ Trying to say this to my own face. I slept early yesterday so I didn't get the chance to start writing. I did wake up at 4 for a while but hell no I won't update my blog that time, I mamai lagi time tu. And  while I'm writing this, I too just woke up. Hm, how is that different? It's currently 9 and I woke up feeling shocked, like I just had a nightmare. Who said I can't get nightmares during the day? I woke up because in that dream, it was you yelling at me, we're fighting for nothing I guess. Woah, it's getting critical, this love I had for you. Hoho, just ignore me. So, because I'm shocked and traumatised, I can't go back to sleep and that makes me energetic and suddenly I plan to be productive today but psst (it's just a plan, I'll end up sleeping after lunch haha)

The story now begins. It was a so-so trip for me. Not that fun, not that boring. I can conclude this now but since in essays, the conclusion must be at the end, so I'll write it later. It is I who wanted to go to Korea, I told my parents that I don't care where we're going for holiday but they asked for my opinion so hah amek lah, that's the only place I can think of and so there we go (they asked me during my final exam so I just say that country sebab malas nak serabut kepala lagipun I kan tengah obsessed dengan k-dramas kan) The places in the itinerary given so okay but somehow the places I wanted to go wasn't in there and some places are not even worth going.

Oh, I went there in a group. Let's not talk about making friends, there were a few people around my age but trust me, I prefer mingling with the makciks. I told my sister, I AM NOT making friends. Why? Because friends need to last for a long time, and blerh, it's kinda bad thing to me. [Like today I had a new friend, in a seminar, for example, we talked about basic things, and by the end of the day, asking for each other's number, saying 'I'll contact you whenever I'm free.' After 2 days, whatsapped asking and saying everything, then it's all finished.] Can you relate? I'm the kind of people who had difficulties in making new friends and trying not to embarrassed myself in front of them. And I am also no good in saying things that people prefer to hear.

The first day was nice, it's all inside the plane. The food was nice, the weather was also nice, the view was literally nice (I slept all the way except when they serve food) and the movies were also nice, I watched 'Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates' ⬅ Betul ke? while sleeping through the whole movie 😂

And when we reached Incheon airport, the bus was waiting and there we met the tourist guide, Junie. Bla bla bla she talked, we reached Nami Island. The weather is stunning, it was hot and cold 😂 It's was cold, the wind was so nice I thought of wanting to stay there forever but I can't. We took a lot of pictures and the leaves are stunning, there were so much colours, and I realised that black is not a favourite for a while. The park was big and we got lost trying to find the winter sonata statue but that drama was so nice and I can feel their love in the drama. (Tho I watched it a long time ago)

To be continued...

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