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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


Skins by: IlliShuhada
Basecode : PikaChan

Auld Lang Syne.


I am not feeling well these days. Since each night I go to sleep so late, I tend to overthink so much sometimes my head just won't rest and I couldn't sleep at all. I even cry myself and thinks that the world is so cruel. Some days I just wish that everybody is save and sound asleep without wars. Some days I wish that my mom and dad is well. Some days I just want to give up and leave this place. And the hideous days is when I felt like dying. I sinned by thinking of this. Please forgive me for having such thoughts.

This song reminds me of the good old days. Where I was dancing on my 5 y/o school concert with red lipstick on. Where I started to play the piano and watched Pocahontas for the first time at 6 y/o. I still remembered my name being called on my first day at school to enter the class with my mom sitting next to me. I even got number 2 in class when I'm in year 2 and that's the highest I can get my dad asked me did I do my best. At 9, I was scolded for not writing my name on my exam paper and I cried (almost begging) the teacher to return back my paper. And I liked a guy for the first time in my whole life at 10. 11 y/o and I did my exam badly (I got a fever on exam days) I felt sad because I didn't do well. 12 y/o, I got a mere 4A and 1B because I was stupid in math my dad was so disappointed in me.

I can go on and write everything I remembered. I can almost remember them so clearly I started to cry at how childish I was back then. How I fight, how I rebel, and how I got scolded reminded me of how bad I was. How we played on the water after school, how we ran across the field with no worries, I want to go back to that time please.

I don't want to lose anymore. I want to stand up again and be happy. One thing I hope for, is to be happy with my family. I never want to make them sad or disappointed in me. I want to be a good daughter for once they will be proud of me. I've been causing them so much hurt but I never wanted that to happen. Just please let us be happy.

Uri haengbokhaja
Apeuji malgo apeuji malgo

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