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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


Skins by: IlliShuhada
Basecode : PikaChan



This guy is bae. No matter what problem I face, I'll hear to his songs and I thought of success. I know that his song have nothing to do with success but ehh suka hati lah nak dengar lagu apa kan. Because he gave me inspiration. No matter what people say, I need to stay strong. If it took me years to build that strength then I would do anything just to ignore people that's talking bad about me.

Actually, I had thought of updating this blog but every time that idea came I'm just too busy dealing with my love towards my bed first. So, now since I've slept in the evening and I can't sleep I'll take this chance to spread my love towards others too.

I've been observing people lately. I felt pity towards people who are always left alone let the difference of opinions or physiques. I felt this connection because when I'm alone I tend to think a lot, about what's wrong with society. If he's weird, people hate him. If she's burned, people left her. If he's limped, people walked without him. If she's mute, people don't talk to her. If only they would understand that even people with disabilities are human too. Why I'm talking about this? Because I felt like I am half human and half weird. People are scared to communicate with others who they think are losers. 'Everybody's a friend to somebody because of something.' Don't believe me? People likes the clever ones, because they could gain knowledge from them. People like the rich ones, because sometimes they wouldn't have to pay for lunch. People like the pretty ones, because they can benefits from the guys that like only pretty girls. Am I wrong again?

And again I tell you, I'm friend with others, not because I could benefit from them, it's because I'm trying to understand life. I want to know what it felt being friends with those who have all that but don't have a heart. I respect people who helped people sincerely. I've experienced it myself, merely everything. People took advantages on me because I'm being nice. I questioned Nurin, why do people step on me, am I too nice, or am I just too stupid?

That's why, I'm better off alone. Having a few loyal friends, having a friend with love and a heart. Even my boyfriend ain't loyal, he left. The only person who is loyal to me is me. I'm always there for people and for myself. Sometimes I do lose my head in irrationality but when I came back thinking that even people left, my future won't. I'm alive to build a better future. Dear next generation, don't be like me. My future needs me, I'll come back and prove to you, imma be an educated woman!

Oh, I fell a few days ago while playing roller blade. I scrapped my knees on the road and there's goes my beautiful knees now with a scar. My friends that night were all freaked out like 'eii, tak sakit ke?' and I'm like 'tak pun." Thank god I didn't cry woah Izzati acting so tough now huh. I told Huda and my mom but Huda was the one exaggerating saying her neighbour even broke his hand after playing that thing. My mom was like chill lah, if you're hurt go see the doctor and jangan luka sapu ubat. My mom was the best, her reactions are like mine. "Dah jatuh dah lah, nak nangis buatpe kannnn hahah 😒"

I'm a huge fan of the K-Pop wave and you can't stop me no never! Hate me if you want but don't miss me later. Bye.

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