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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


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It don't breakeven.


I can't sleep and I thought I should update my blog at least. Let this be a full English post, because I speak in English when I'm mad or I'm sad. My playlist just played one song from just now but I can't type that fast since my hand hurts btw I had to type on my small phone to update my Instagram just now. I don't know if this song is popular or not but it sure is from somewhere that I can't remember. It's Winter Sleep by Olivia, a song that fucking make me cried. Eleh, but I don't cry that easily lah.

I actually forget why I wrote in here the first place. My eyes are blurry at night but I insisted that I should write because I needed to clear up my mind. I have been watching Bleach for the second time now and every time Byakuya airs, I screamed! But this time around, I had interest in Gin. I had crushes on all the handsome characters actually hahah. But this is not what I wanted to write.

Have a nice dream Izzati. I hope that only this wish come true because I've been having nightmares. I had many breakdowns lately. And oh, my playlist had move on to another song, Fix You. From this moment, let's dream of happy things, like bubbles, cotton candies and little shades of pink everywhere. No matter how hard this life may seem, I need to strive. No matter who pushes me down, I know I can rely on someone to bring me back up. No matter how hard I try to deny that my feelings are fake, I know that monsters won't leave until it consumes me.

I talked about me being a teacher on my Instagram and I had a solid reason for it. I couldn't find that conversation between me and my friend from 3 years ago but its here somewhere. We talked about our future and how he really wanted to become a cook and bring me nice foods and I'm still unsure of what I wanted to be that time. He said I was like a teacher and I taught him a lot of things (hell I didn't teach him anything) and he said I'd make a nice teacher. Lol, I blushed. Knowing that, I set my dream to be a teacher. Maybe I'd open up my little pre-school far away from here and name it (have a guess) and teach that little kids about life and what lies ahead. Eleh, cikgu tadika je pun.

I guess I was your summer love. Being a teacher wasn't that bad, and since I didn't plan on getting married in like 10 years, I thought of being a teacher couldn't harm anyone. I can teach them English and other things like colouring which I'm an expert in it, painting, loving ahaha I can think of no more. One free lesson is that I would teach them piano since that's my instrument oh I'm just dreaming of the impossible.

It's nice to write after crying and cringing in pain because it clears everything out and the pain is gone in matter of seconds. I can write some horror or love stories and publish it online one day haha quit saying nonsense Izzati please lah.

Good day ahead Izzati.

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