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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


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Hm, since there is nothing to do today I'll write then.

Watching Fairy Tail was fun but it saddens me that I can't watch season 7 because Internet takde T^T. Going to download or watch it at Raub since the Internet is free weeeeeeeeee. And now I have no movies or anything to watch. I'm actually frustrated because I didn't have the last episode of season 6 where Natsu fights with the other 2 dragon slayer after pushing aside his own ally, Gajeel. Hmmm, Izzati is a sad lady 😔

Oh, I answered a quiz recently at the office (sebab bosan kan) after which Fairy Tail character I am. Huhu, Izzati is Lucy. But, I didn't read the descriptions 😔 And then I answered another one about Gray Fullbuster and heheh the quiz is about love uwww. I guess I've became obsessed with Fairy Tail now. But later if I re-watch Bleach again and then became obsessed with Byakuya again and again then pakwe ai jealous lah pulak huhu. Hm, can't do anything if the anime characters are cuter lah kannn.

This two were my favourite for now lah. Tulah, siapa suruh lambat involved in this field. Erm, sebenarnya macam ni lah eh. Dulu, there was no Astro at my house, so I didn't have the Animax channel. I only watched Barney and all the 90's tv show. After having Astro pun, Abah said there is no use in watching cartoon, it's better if I study he said lah. Izzati started of by reading comics, love comics, vampire ones, detectives and sorts. Lepas dah ada wifi pun, I prefer watching English movies and study lah of course. Asrama pun dulu raced after solat terawih on Fridays to bilik rehat to watch Izzue Islam ahah.

Sekarang baru nak minat padahal dulu masa kat sekolah, Halim selalu sangat tengok Anime masa prep. Hohoho, Izzati so lame. Sayanggg, buy my some Fairy Tail funko pops please!

Tomorrow it's gonna be tiring. I really need some new books so I'm gonna use up my vouchers lah.

Tidur dulu sayangs. Goodnight. I love you.


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