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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


Skins by: IlliShuhada
Basecode : PikaChan

Don't be good to me.

Assalamualaikum and hi.

I actually had no idea of what to write. But, I just want to relieve this weird feeling I had earlier. I felt sad all of the sudden I wanted to cry but it's still early and my roommate is still awake. I had this feelings since morning but I acted like everything was okay.

Subuh was chilly and I've had so little sleep I think that my brain would be sick since I can't sleep for most nights. Hahaha, I've turned into a panda. Tapi jangan risau I'll be okay. Exam is nearing and I need to study so hard. Apa kata esok we change everything?

Do you miss me like I miss you? - Gnash.

I've been hearing to all love songs that always break my heart. And then, mungkin people akan kata, kenapa dengar lagu macam tu? You don't give a damn about me. I hate you I love you. I hate that I love you. 

If you cry, you're a dummy. -Daeul. 

So, this is goodbye then. See you when I see you.

Dearest, Izzati.

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