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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


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With you.


Let's lead a happy life Nur Izzati!

I make plans for myself almost every night so that tomorrow's gonna be all fine. But there are just some days I forgot to do it and it's okay. Some times even it was planned, it didn't come out smoothly.

I'm now making plans for 10 years ahead. Let everyday change not a single same routine.

1. Really need to learn foreign languages.
- I liked it when someone talks charming languages. And I myself really wanted to learn Dutch since I was in form 5. I once dreamed of being a tourist guide. And then got immersed to Japanese language since I watched anime all the time. But the one language I wanted to learn the most was English. I loved English since I was small. The fact I even started to make short essays since I was 5. Really proud of myself when I got full mark on my spelling test in standard 2. Quite sad I couldn't even spell 'government' correct because I left the N there. So sad too because I couldn't get 5A for my UPSR. I hate math since I was small. Never like much counting and thinking and solving problems since I have my own problems to solve. I really wanted to join the debate team in Jengka but I once tried debating in school and I freaked out, shaking nervously and got my points all blurry and only got my team on 3rd. So I practiced, if my friends have their blog which they wrote in Malay, what if I wrote in other language. I've become a mentor for the form 3 students and some are far more better than me, I'm so jealous. Oh how I miss school.

2. I need to save money.
- Money is hard to find. Abah always said, 'Dia tak cari dia tak tahu.' I looked at the people around me. They even picked up trash, clean the floor and students step on it again, they teach, they drive around looking for passengers. I asked myself, why is it so hard for them to earn a living? Some people were born rich, they laid with money on their back, they've got nice cars, nice house. I'm not rich and I'm grateful to that. Knowing how hard my father worked just to make the table full with food, at least I know poor families eat together as a family. So rich people just threw out money and say, 'Go find some food on your own.' Maybe I need to find some decent job later not to boast but to give. 'The more you give, the more you get.' Ask me about my future what I'm gonna be, I'm gonna teach. That way I can have a lot of money.

3. Play the piano.
- It's been lots of years I left my piano. I once wanted to be a pianist. Even watched a few movies about orchestras with piano solos. I envied those who had delicate touche as my friends had envied me before. I wanted to play famous songs, wanted to sing to them, wanted to teach kids about it, wanted to have my own kid playing it. Let's start playing.

4. Learn to cook.
- I can cook. Simple dishes, some things you can just throw it in there and then it's done. Mostly cooked nuggets, sausages and fries. The most successful dish was my Nasi Goreng, heyy main campak-campak pun sedap okayyyy. But I really wanted to cook a lot of dishes since I like to eat. The most wanted to try dish was laksa. The hard part with the fish and the tenderness of the kuah. Teach me masta!

5. Travel.
- I'm so jealous of people who can travel. One dayyy, wanted to go to London and see Caspar. Wanted to take pretty pictures from around the world. Well, would've wanted to include you too in my plans but it seems that you made out your plans well without me. It's not that I can't travel, but not now. Let's learn to live in hardship first before one day being free. After I finished all these college and study thing, first head off, Mekah.

6. Buy a house.
- Told Athirah almost every plans I wanted to do. And this is the one I've been saving money on. Abah said, 'kumpul duit dulu, beli rumah.' At least I could invest in something real unlike relationships. I wouldn't mind living anywhere but I wanted to have at least a place where I can call home. One place where I can see my children running freely, one place that I can rely on to run away from everyone. One place I wanted to tell my parents, 'I did it.' No one can tell me to leave. Let me decide how I wanted it to be, black and white with little cacti and a little fluffy kitten I can call Iris. Don't want much just a simple life and a little simple family with simple love.

7. Get married.
- The ultimate goal. A simple wedding, insyaAllah. By a little lake, mostly fresh flowers. Never wanted it to be grand. Just a little reception and a little doa selamat. 'Kahwin biar simple, lepas kahwin tu banyak benda lagi nak fikir.' -Athirah. She was the one who hate seeing people membazir, biar everything simple but nice. Let's go with black and white again. Haha, my little wedding.

The end.

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