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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


Skins by: IlliShuhada
Basecode : PikaChan



You're all I want, so much it's hurting. -1D.

Having problems lately. And I didn't tell anyone, I don't mind writing here because I know no one's gonna read it. What problem? No one should know. I need to keep it on the inside. Secrets are not meant to be told. I just need some rest. I'm gonna be quiet. No one to text, no one to call, no one to live for. 

Finished decorating my room. I put on your picture on my wall love. I kept your chocolate in my drawer. My mom would be so proud if she knew I can clean my room this neat. My room so clean, my bed so pretty, my locker so neat, I don't want to be here. Ish, ni yang nak jadi interior designer ni. 

I'm trying to be positive these days. I knew someone who's always positive before. Athirah pun always say kita hidup kena positive, tu pun Saddam ajar dia. If someone hurt me, I'll smile. I'm gonna say everything's alright. If no one's texting me, I'll tell myself they're busy. I don't need anyone. I just need to bring myself up. Abah suruh dapat dekan lagi sem ni. Sem 3 tak dekan, pointer jatuh teruk. Let's spread positive vibes. Izzati's gonna be alright. 

Rasa macam nak demam. Tapi takpelah, okay je.


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