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Find someone who will love you through your weaknesses and wonders.
Like Tate loves Violet.
And like I love you.



: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim

: Izzati Rahim


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Happy 14.


14 never have been my favourite number before. But suddenly, maybe (emphasizing on the maybe word) it's my lucky number. Who knows? Like the Taytay couple. All my life, I loved the number 2. My birthday's on the 22nd. My t-shirt number is 22. My bed number is C111(2). Couldn't think of anything with number 2 right now. Wanted to have 12 kids which is really impossible and he says it's possible okay fine! But 2 is okay with me. Or even twins. It's 2. Haha, obsessed with the number TWO!

I've once wrote about efforts in relationship. But I've deleted my other blog which is already private a long time ago and that's the blog where I wrote about Shahrul and the guys who existed in my life. Now let me write it again so I won't forget. Effort is a big word for me. Living this life with the word effort. 'USAHA' Abah always said, 'kalau nak berjaya, put some effort in everything you do.'  "Kalau tak usaha, mana nak tahu boleh ke tak."-Mak. Mothers knows best kannnn. Studying needs effort. Stayed up late for example is an effort you make to pass your exam and making your parents proud. An I really wanted to know what is my effort in making my relationship work.

Cliche. 'Jaga hubungan awak dengan semua orang termasuk Allah dan ibu bapa kalau nak hubungan awak dengan orang lain berjaya.' 'Macam mana adab awak dengan ibu bapa awak lah menunjukkan adab sebenar awak dengan orang lain, kalau ibu bapa sendiri tak reti nak hormat, macam mana orang lain nak hormat awak?' 'Respect is earned, not get.'-Madam Azlini, 2015. Talking about efforts got me thinking, 'oh, I should write something to argue about within myself.'

Efforts in relationships is defined as what you do to make it last between the two of you till Jannah. Eceh, konon budak bio nak bagi definition bagai. Hmmmm, sorry. Like some people, they go on dates everyday and showered their  followers on ig with their so-romantic-dates-that-can-be-made-relationship-goals. Others just like to post their so-sweet-controversial-conversation everywhere so that people would be jealous and I'll be like euwww. Then, there'll be like surprises, balloons and stuffs for their birthdays. I'm right here being jealous of what others called relationship goals and then I can't do anything haih.

I never hoped much. Never a hopeless romantic Benz Aliff, never a charming prince Romeo Capulet, never an Adam for his Katie of 50/50, never a beast for her Belle. Really hope that somewhat not perfect guy who accepts me as a-no-better-not-beau-lady. You'd do anything to make your relationship work right. I asked for nothing except for your love. Hmmmm, nothing more than that. Sorry if I'm not perfect, sorry if I make you mad, sorry if I make you sad, sorry if I'm not like the others, sorry really sorry.

Btw, happy 14 sayang. Happy one month tho it's been days already. I love you and I promise you if I got the chance to love you forever I'd do that with pleasure. We'll live forever in our 14. I'll make some efforts to make everything perfect for us two. Thank you sayang.


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